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Monday, 21 May 2012

Hey, look, ladies! Chicks from all walks of life are using Playtex tampons. Stewardesses, housewives, college babes, smoking hot models, sexy nurses, gorgeous secretaries, and even that sexy number next door are using Playtex - so, shouldn't you be?

In all seriousness, this advertisement is remarkable in that it attempts to illustrate a cross section of all women, and yet it seems, by today's standards, comically chaevenistic in its narrow view.  I love it.  I guess they didn't have room to include waitresses or go-go dancers.

Saying "We are a lot more than rooms" begs the question "What are you then, besides rooms?" The picture not so subtly answers the question: We are tennis, golf, swimming and HOT CHICKS IN BIKINIS. This is a textbook example of the "sex sells" approach.  Well played, Ilikai.  Well played.

I don't remember these.  They seem ahead of their time, quite frankly.  Years before the Hot Pocket and Toaster Strudel was the Snackwich.  I wonder why this never caught on - perhaps, the eggs and bacon didn't taste too swell? If any of you had these, let me know in a comment how they tasted.... were they really "ho-ho-wholesome"?

In include this advertisement because it contains the glorious quote: "Whee! They're flushable, too!" 

The ad reads: "Imagine trying to connect your head bone to some cute boy's shoulder bone."  Ummmm...... if these gals in minis aren't careful, they might end up connecting to some cute boy's..... other bone. And there won't be anything "funny" about that.


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