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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Time for another round of heavenly hash from perhaps the greatest series of textbooks ever: Understanding Human Behavior (1974).  The photograph above is from a chapter on dealing with in-laws.  The caption reads "If a boy's best friend is his mother, keep clear!  Momma's boys usually make lousy husbands."

What's interesting to me about this topic isn't so much the ridiculous advice doled out in this textbook, but rather the issue itself.  The subject of dealing with in-laws used to be a real issue - a common, almost universal, problem.  How many movies, TV shows and cartoons featured the main characters dealing with hard-to-tolerate in-laws? Tons.

Today, we are so disconnected from our extended families, that the issue of fitting in with our in-laws has slowly become inconsequential.  Sure, we talk with them, and most of us have some degree of a relationship with them.  But, today everyone moves around so much, it's becoming less and less likely you'll see them at all, except for holidays and special occasions. What to do about the in-laws? Who cares?

Here's a few more lovely illustrations from the textbook with corresponding captions...

 "It may be difficult to see yourself as a sex bomb by night if you're a domestic drudge all day."

"Millions of Americans are gripped by an anxiety that is not caused by war, inflation or recession.... it is the cold fear of dying at random in a brief spasm of senseless violence for a few pennies, for nothing..... No doubt about it.  You gotta look up to the law - one way or the other."

"Anxiety over an unwanted pregnancy can wreck your sex life."


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