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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I'm 40+ years old and I'm beginning to accept that all my good parties are far off in the rear-view mirror. I know this sounds depressing, but it's not.  I've had my fair share of throw-downs, full of respectable levels of debauchery and vice. But for some reason, if I were to repeat those performances today at this age, it would no longer be viewed as wild fun, but rather sort of sad and cause for alarm (akin to Vince Vaughn et al in Old School trying to relive his salad days). You can't go back.

(insert sounds of violins playing)

Anyway, in a rather pathetic attempt to look back on better days, I've uncovered a handful of found photographs from parties long ago passed.

I think I've posted these couple 'o' photos before, but they deserve a repeat.  There's something about these party-goers rolling beer bottles with their noses that makes me smile.

Methinks the fella' in the blue vest may have had one too many.  He looks significantly older than everyone else at the gathering. "Who invited Craig's pothead older brother to this party, anyway?"

Ahhh. Standing around awkwardly at an office party isn't so bad when there's miniskirts aplenty. 

Guy on phone: "Ma, I'm gonna be late at the library.... No, everything's okay.  Please don't worry..... No, I didn't wear my sweater, but I've got a jacket on.... Talk you later, ma..... What's that noise? That's just the microfiche, ma.... I said it's called a MICROFICHE...."

Sweet sassy mo'lassy.  Why can't I get invited to parties where chicks walk around dressed like this? Instead, I get office parties which consist of awkward conversations followed by more awkward conversations.  (Insert violin music again)

Kids take note: You know you're at a good party when (A) there's a drunk chick dressed as a French maid and (B) there's giant bottles of Schweppes. Either one is a dead giveaway.

The notation on this photo is "Sadie Hawkins Day 1960".  I can't tell what the hell is going on, but it looks like a helluva lot of fun.

Once again, I'm at a complete loss as to what's going down at this party.  There's a hot gypsy disrobing, a devil-guy reading something, and a boom box on the floor.  I'd love to hear an explanation to this one -  if you were at this party, drop in a comment!

And here's a few more mystery parties for your viewing pleasure.  Cheers!

Party's over. Ya'll go home now. The end. (hiccup)


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