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Thursday, 29 March 2012

If you're a 70s-phile like myself, then you are doubtless a fan of the many glorious TV theme songs of the decade.  Television themes were serious business back then - a hard thing to comprehend today when most shows don't even have a theme to speak of (thanks, Seinfeld).  Sure, they're fun for nostalgic reasons, but I think the fact that many of us still love the themes to WKRP, Taxi, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show demonstrates that they were actually pretty good songs in their own right.

Indeed, some quality musicians and singers were involved in those old TV themes: Donny Hathaway on "Maude", Jack Jones on "The Love Boat" and Quincy Jones on "Sanford & Son", for instance.  And sometimes they actually wound up selling well and would be covered on countless EZ Listening and disco albums.  Ever heard the Sammy Davis, Jr. version of The Mary Tyler Moore theme song? A classic for the ages.

Anyway, here's a few examples of some versions of the Charlie's Angels theme....

Charlie's Angels Theme by Donna Lynton

This one is my favorite - a disco version WITH LYRICS.  You read that right.  You didn't know the Charlie's Angels Theme had lyrics did you?   But unlike the M*A*S*H* theme which has depressing wrist slitting lyrics ("Suicide Is Painless"), this is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Charlie's Angels Theme by The Ventures

I love how The Ventures try to give this tune a little pizzazz with some funky guitar shenanigans.

Charlie's Angels Them by Henry Mancini and His Orchestra

Normally, I don't care too much for Mancini covers.  They're usually tight and flawless, but not exactly anything to write home about.  This time he nails it.  Funky and disco-tastic - perhaps better than the original...

Charlie's Angels Theme, Original

And finally, we have a Mel Tillis song.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with the TV show, but it bears its namesake, so I thought I'd include it.  Lyrics: "Charlie acted so unwise, walking out on paradise. And I'm holding Charlie's angel tonight.  I'm in heaven while I'm holding her tight...."

Charlie's Angel by Mel Tillis


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