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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dear God, don't put those boobs in this poor boy's face and expect him to act natural! He may be in a wheelchair, but he's not dead for chrissake!..... And don't think for a second that this man on bended knee is any less distracted.  Sure, he looks to be full of compassion and caring; but there's only one thing he's caring about right now - make that two things - and they're just inches from the tip of his nose.

Not all of us can be as firm and resolute as the next guy....

I guess it's that military training that allows him to exhibit such self control. He's literally at eye level, and yet he manages to keep looking up.  I salute you, sir. You are a better man than I.... and a better man than Redd Foxx....

Lamont Sanford: You're a dirty old man ya know that?
Fred Sanford: And I'm gonna be one 'till I'm a dead old man!

I love this one - it's the oldest trick in the book.  There's a gorgeous chick in a miniskirt approaching and you catch yourself staring a bit too long..... the best thing to do is nervously fidget with your collar lest people think you're a pervert.

Here's a real dilemma. He's got to read what's on the sweatshirt while at the same time not letting his eyes linger lecherously. There's only four words - should take just a few seconds.  From the looks of this photograph, he got lost in the scenery. Poor guy. He is so busted.

I have no idea of the context here; however, I have all the information I need to know that two young men have let their eyes wander where they shouldn't. Curse that infernal miniskirt!

This picture is definitely in my top ten favorite images I've scanned. (Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me remember where I scanned this from.) It really tells a story: the guy appears to be on an awkward date with a sort of average looking girl.... and this poor boy is just wide eyed distracted by the bunny tailed hostess. Classic.

Our friend in the dirty saddle shoes can appreciate a short miniskirt when he sees one.  Best of all, he doesn't hide his attention and she is silently mindful of it.  Girls truly had power and dominion over men back in the heyday of the mini.

And before we wrap it up, here's a few more guys caught looking.



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