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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Who can forget the post I did not too long ago on the devil possession story in a Josie & the Pussycats comic?  The post received tons of traffic, due in no part to my 'expert' commentary, but rather the sheer unbelievably insane nature of it all.  An Archie comic depicting a very graphic demonic possession? Really?

It wasn't just that an Archie comic character's soul was being tortured by Satan that made it so chilling.  It was the wording of the panels: "Josie's face contorted into a mask of indescribable evil." It's as if William Peter Blatty or Malachi Martin took over the writing. but the illustrations were still in that lighthearted Dan DeCarlo style.... which made it all the more disturbing.

Well, imagine my surprise when I rolled across another Demoniac themed Archie story.  This one is from a Sabrina comic called Chilling Events in Sorcery as told by Sabrina (1972).  Naturally, one can expect some supernatural themes in a Sabrina comic, so no surprises there.  However, you'll soon see that shit gets outta hand quick like.

I'm sorry, but the words "unclean and depraved" do not belong in an Archie comic.  Once this girl puts on the jewel, it becomes abundantly clear that this comic book chick has been possessed by the "Father of Lies, Prince of Darkness, Bringer of Death" or whatever infernal name you want to call him.  But, as in the Josie story, she is finally saved by the power of The Bible.

Now, we all know there was a line of Christian Archie comics (Spire comics); however, this ain't it. This has no relation to those Spire Archies - this is a normal Archie comic influenced, once again, by the popularity of The Exorcist and the prevailing occult fanaticism of the day.

For those interested, I've posted the story in entirety below. (click to enlarge)


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