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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Check'm out. He's the new man - not a square like your parents. Every chick at that party wants to be in his circle. He's hip, sensitive, a self-styled intellectual.... and he will shag the hell out of any woman that gives him the go-ahead.

Take note of him, because the ultra-stud has been a part of alcohol advertising for a long, long time.  The Dos Equis 'Most Interesting Man in the World' is just a satirical shadow of decades of booze dudes that have gone before him.  Now, we have only irony... then, we had the real deal - nothing tongue-in-cheek going on whatsoever.  They were there to drink your spirits, shag your women, and look good doing it.

Oh Dear. Where is her hand?

Given the situation, that bottle of Bisquit Napoleon Cognac is lookin' mighty phallic, wouldn't you say?  She's all giggly, but this mustachioed manly man ain't laughing.  He's got one thing on his mind, and that bottle of cognac is the clue. 

Yeah, I know. This is ad is really all about the lady - the dude is just a side note.  But check out his lustful gaze reminiscent of the previous ad.  These dudes are molesting these women with their eyes, and proud of it.

Ye gods, he's a ghost! Y-y-y-you can see right through him! Does she even know her dead husband is standing right behind her?

"I'm with him," she says. Just as this dude is loyal to his Scotch, his woman is loyal to him.  And speaking of 'loyal', these next two black-oriented ads definitely demonstrate that theme well.  These guys don't play when it comes to their booze and their bi--....... er, I'll let you finish that sentence yourself.  Peace out.


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