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Friday, 10 February 2012

This November '72 issue of Young Miss contains a fun little quiz on Women's Lib.  Give it a try and see how you do! (answers at the end of the post)

1. Never let a boy know you're as smart (or smarter) than he is.
2. Only brainy girls like mathematics.
3. Only wear "feminine" clothes which will make boys look twice.
4. Don't be caught dead without a small supply of cosmetics in your handbag.
5. Let the strong boys in the class move the chairs for the teacher.
6. Sports and strenuous physical activities will make you look like a wrestler.
7. It's only right for you to take home economics (and not shop) so you can learn to prepare meals for
your husband and children.
8. The boys' tennis team (the only school team) has never allowed girls to try out-and there's no reason
why it should change its rules.
9. Girls should not be aggressive and compete because it's more feminine to let the boys be the leaders
and winners.
10. In dating, always let the boy make the first move, and never look too anxious.
11. Only women's liberation types want careers and men's jobs.
12. Don't worry too much about grades because you'll probably get married and, quit working anyway.

Answers: Basically, Young Miss says all the answers are 'false'.  If you answered true to any of these questions, there's an article in the mag they recommend you read.... oh, and you're a woman hating bastard.


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