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Monday, 20 February 2012

My how times have changed. Nowhere is the difference in the cultural mindset between our own time and that of the 1960s more striking than in the role of the flight attendant. The job basically was transformed from 'eye candy' to 'serious professional' in a manner of a few short years.  It's a topic that I've gone into before on Retrospace, so I won't perform any further armchair sociology on the subject. Suffice it to say, the concept of total gender equality rendered the 'cocktail waitress in the sky' obsolete and an object of derision - a horrible example of male chauvinism in action.

Note the advertisement below I scanned from a 1970 comic book: "An airline stewardess must be.... five feet and two inches to five feet and ten inches tall".  I'm surprise they didn't specify her bust size requirements.... and notice they keep saying "she".  A male stewardess would've caused widespread panic back in '70. Salaries start at about $420 per month.

Well, times have changed, and we'll just have to accept that.... but not at Retorspace. Our sole purpose is to wallow endlessly in the past.  So, let's check out some images of flight attendants back when they were called 'airline hostesses' and 'stewardesses'.  (Please note that I've already posted numerous pictures of vintage stewardess photos; but I've gathered up a fresh batch, so they hopefully won't be too many that overlap.)  Enjoy.

Yep. That's a candid polaroid of Dean Martin.  Somehow, this is exactly how I pictured Dino on a plane would look .


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