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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Time for another round of punk musicians that fell way below the Retrospace radar.  We here at Retrospace pride ourselves in obscure 70s acts, whether it be disco or yacht rock; however, our knowledge in the ways of punk begin and end with The Ramones. Beyond that, we are like Olivia Newton-John at a Hawkwind concert - lost, confused, and a little bit afraid.

Anyway, we won't let blatant ignorance stop us from pressing onward.  Buckle up, it's time for more photos of arrogant, fancy-haired youths staring at you condescendingly. Let's go!

I can honestly say this band makes me want to become a member of The Church of England.  I'm not kidding.  Just as a sinful hypocritical clergyman can make someone want to the leave the church, these guys so annoy me that it makes me want to become a baptized Anglican.

According to Mojo magazine, this band's single "The Murder Of Liddle Towers" is one of the best punk songs of all time.  That being said, I still think I'd rather listen to even the worst song ever recorded by Earth, Wind & Fire.... but to each his own.

The fellow on the left must be lost - he can't possibly be with this band. Shouldn't he be with The Misfits or The Damned? It's like Danzig hangin' out with Kajagoogoo.

Great Scott! Those eyes!.... Those eyes! 

Admittedly, I did enjoy some goth music back in the 80s. The Bauhaus, The Cure, Siouxie & the Banshees, The Cult, Mission UK, Gene Loves Jezebel and Echo & the Bunnymen all qualify as goth acts, and I loved them all.  However, I must say, I never heard of 'Look Back in Anger'.  What the hell?

These lads are proud of their alcohol addiction.  After all, 'Drinking In Moderation' just doesn't have the same ring to it.

If their sense of style is any indication, then I'm sure "Abrasive" is probably a pretty apt title for the group. Although, "Irritating Douche Bags" might also have worked.

Admittedly, I've never heard their music, but their use of miniskirts is certainly something Retrospace can get behind.

I'm sorry for being so negative towards these 80s punk acts, I admit that I'm not very open minded towards this genre.  But, truth be told, just looking at these guys makes me want to listen to a good ole Seals & Croft LP and wash this shit out of my mind forever.

Dear God, get me a Foghat and a Kenny Rogers LP on the double! I've got to counter-act this Alien Sex Fiend garbage pronto!  Better bring a Sugar Hill Gang record while you're at it, just to be on the safe side.


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