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Monday, 27 February 2012

Truth is, I've already done a Miniskirt Monday post on album covers, many of which are repeated here today.  However, I used that Flickr 'light box' slideshow thingy, and it turned out to be a hopeless mess. So, to amend that mistake and give the subject the attention it deserves, here it is again without that shitty Flickr widget.
Not much to say on the subject itself, other than the obvious: men love miniskirts. Thus, when men see an album with a miniskirt on the cover, they are apt to buy said album.  It's marketing at its most basic.  Maybe the Beatles can afford to have a White Album, but your average schmo needs some oomph on the cover to sell those records. Let's have a look at some, shall we?

click images to embiggen

A big thanks to Epiclectic, whose massive collection is the source of more than a few of these.


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