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Monday, 20 February 2012

I took a quick perusal of my Miniskirt Monday posts and was a bit surprised to not see an automobile theme.  God knows I've done some pretty odd miniskirt themes (minis and booze, for instance), so I figured I'd already done one with 'cars' as its theme. After all, what would seem a more natural combo than man's two greatest loves: the combustion engine and a pair of gams? 

Alas - I have yet to do one. (Or maybe I have, and I'm just too lazy to do a thorough exam of what's been covered).  Either way, you can never have too many cool cars and miniskirted babes. So, here goes... Enjoy!

God bless St. Trinian's.  One day this'll make it to DVD stateside.

Love this shot. A short mini is guaranteed to get you free roadside service.

I like to sneak some eighties pics in every now again. I'm sure you don't mind, do you?

Note: As you may have noticed, my Miniskirt Monday posts have been getting pretty heavy handed with the images (often featuring 50+ large pictures in a single post).  Please, please, please let me know if this is getting on your nerves.  I understand that most of you out there have computers that can handle this no problem. However, I'm curious if any of you feel these posts are giving your CPU a hernia.

Look - it's the eighties again.  How'd you ever guess?

This car makes the Prius look formidable.

I'm thinking '10 minutes to pancakes'. (Regular Retrospace readers will get this.)

Some of these car show honeys may look familiar.

If memory serves, the pic on the right is a screen cap from an episode of Miami Vice.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong. [Update: I was corrected: It's Born in East L.A. starring Cheech Marin]

Be looking for an album cover themed Miniskirt Monday in your near future.


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