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Monday, 12 December 2011

Here's the progression of events: Mini skirts startled the older generation with their high hemlines in the late sixties.  But with each successive year, the hemlines got higher and higher until they literally were a hair's width from not covering certain private spots of the female anatomy.

Once the miniskirt hit its absolute height, the show was over, and long flowing prairie skirts and slacks were the new rage.  However, before going extinct, the mini passed the torch to the short shorts (i.e. hot pants). After all, it was still the seventies, prime time of the sexual revolution - and prairie skirts and polyester slacks just weren't going to turn heads.

So, enough with the jibba jabba. Here's fifty plus short shorts for your viewing enjoyment.

Linda Carter from an episode of Wonder Woman

Just so we understand each other - I'm well aware the short shorts weren't invented in the seventies. I'm sure someone out there is itching to point this out.


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