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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Quick. Draw me a generic picture of a person you would call a "stud".  Chances are, after we're all done drawing, every one of our illustrations will feature The Stache.   It's become synonymous with machismo - you just can't picture a badass without that hairy upper lip. It's not possible.

Sadly, it was porn that gave a trashy connotation to the mustache (i.e. the trash stache, the molestache). The mustache = stud equation was dealt a heavy blow.  However, studly bastards like Chuck Norris, Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck had left such a psychic imprint on humanity, that the moustache-stud connection will never be permanently broken.

Behold the righteous power of the mustache in this small gallery of vintage studliness.

What is commonly referred to as the "porn stache" is a big full bodied "lip sweater".

The mustache is the epitome of manhood.  All women fall at your feet as they behold the masculine power resting on your upper lip.

The next edition of "Decade of the Stache" needs to focus on the athletes who sported their staches with pride.  Reggie Jackson is a prime example, but many more baseball players come quickly to mind: Mike Schmidt, Raleigh Fingers, Goose Gossage, Thurman Munsen, etc.

(Below) The seventies stud in his natural habitat. It's hard to see in this one, but you look close enough, you'll see that the thigh tickler is in full effect.

Even inanimate mustachioed mannequins can't contain their insatiable desire for the ladies. 

The Man with the Mustache has spoken.  All who bear witness, heed his words.

Leave your helmets at home; mustaches are the only required headwear on a motorcycle.

Note: The next three images below are from rated X material, but this post still remains a solid PG. So, parents, feel free let your kids view this material.  It will be a learning experience - and, who knows, maybe Junior will try to sport one of his own......... (I'm still referring to mustaches here. What did you think I meant?)

And last but not least, my favorite advertisement of all time...


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