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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Regular readers will know this is not a nostalgia site.  At no point will I start listing off the most popular songs and shows, etc. from 1982. "Hey, remember Dallas? and remember 'Vacation' by the Go-Go's? and remember E.T. and Tootsie?" Bleeccch. We'll leave that sort of nonsense to those crummy VH1 specials.

That being said, I can't help but, on occasion, focus on a single year and wax nostalgic.

Do you remember the music of 1982? It was a strange time - the seventies were officially over, and the disco backlash was in effect. Rock Gods like Zeppelin and KISS had seen their day, and New Wave was starting to gain ground thanks to MTV.

And let's be clear: the music being played on the radio was not exactly innovative stuff. You had your seventies soft rock throwbacks like The Little River Band, some disco hold-outs like Donna Summer, and some catchy country via Kenny and Juice Newton.  Loverboy and Journey-esque rock on Friday nights and Kool & the Gang for the skating rink..... nothing ground breaking whatsoever. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

This mix contains a lot of music that would soon be jettisoned into the stratosphere once MTV took over by 1984. By then, it was all about image and non-cable-ready chaps like Bertie Higgins and Ronnie Milsap saw their days numbered.  This list contains a bunch of mildly popular songs that never had a popular music video - at least not one that was regularly played on MTV.   These songs represent that weird period between the seventies disco explosion and the new wave/hair metal of the eighties.
Bertie Higgins -Key Largo
Juice Newton -Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me
Charlene -I've Never Been To Me
Hall & Oates -Did It In A Minute
Little River Band -Take It Easy On Me
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra -Hooked On Classics
Donna Summer- Love Is In Control
Buckner & Garcia- Pac-Man Fever
Kenny Rogers- Love Will Turn You Around
Olivia Newton-John- Make A Move On Me
Diana Ross- Mirror, Mirror
Kool & The Gang -Get Down On It
Roberta Flack -Making Love
Eddie Rabbitt -Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight
Sylvia -Nobody
Steel Breeze -You Don't Want Me Anymore
Karla Bonoff -Personally
Ronnie Milsap -Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World
Stars on 45 -Beatles' Movie Medley


Here's a few samples from the mix...


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