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Monday, 7 November 2011

Newsflash: Some of the best music to come out of the seventies was actually Jesus Music.  For many of you (and I include myself in this mix) this is actually a hurdle to get over.  Not that I have anything against Christianity, I don't - but IMHO, Christian music of any kind has largely sucked for the past thirty plus years.  So, unfortunately, when I hear the label "Christian Music", I am automatically starting off on the wrong foot.  It's sad but true.

I won't use this post to go off on any religious tangents; however, I will give a single statement that encapsulates my feelings on the subject:

The so-called "Jesus Movement" may be the closest mankind has come to actually practicing the teachings of Jesus.

It was a brief moment in time where all the pieces finally fell into place.  It was non-judgmental (i.e. devoid of hate), with a strong emphasis on living the "simple life" and helping your fellow man.  It didn't take long for the movement to become hijacked, and its positive qualities were soon warped beyond recognition (ex. the emphasis on Love was quickly transformed to mean sex without consequence).  

But I think this is where I'll step off the pulpit.  That's a topic for another post.  This one's about some kick ass Jesus Music. So, no matter what your creed, it's time to get our groove on....

Artist: Deliverance
Album: Give It a Try
Description: Solid gold combination of  Hammond organ, lysergic acid, and space guitar.  Pretend Rupert Holmes joined the band Spirit and they decided to write the soundtrack to the sequel of Jesus Christ Superstar.
Lyric: "Now they made You popular and everybody's high"

Artist: Justin Robert and Advent
Album: Eight Days: A Personal Journey
Description: Emerson and Lake put a bullet in Palmer, disposed of his body and replaced him with Gandalf, who just so happens to be a big fan of Sammy Hagar and Judas Priest.

Artist: Under New Management
Description: Fuzz guitar infused elevator music; badly sung even by Holiday Inn standards.  However, there's an unexplainable charm here that is exponentially enhanced by cannabis and sleep deprivation.

Artist: Tedd Smith
Album: Smash & Grab World
Description:  Petula Clark sings compositions scrawled on human skin and rolling papers written by a depressed madman who lives at the bottom of a well. 

Lyric: "High on grass or speed or acid. Try to find a world that's placid."


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