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Saturday, 12 November 2011

In the last Occult post, I showed you a story in Archie comics that seemed a bit heavy handed with the occult. Well, that was nothing, folks.  In this one, Josie becomes possessed by an evil spirit... and it is disturbing as shit.  

I know Archie comics became "born again" at some point in their history, but this ain't it - the rest of the issue is completely "normal".  The Josie issues before and after this issue were free from overt religious messages.... so, I don't know what the f--k is going on here. 

I'm no expert in Archie comics (I have, however, been reading them for four decades), so I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable than I can fill me in. 

Perhaps Archie comics were slipping in "born again Christian" story lines as early as '73, but I seem to remember this happening much later (like the early eighties). Or, perhaps, the authors had just seen The Exorcist and let their enthusiasm run away with them.

Either way, shame on them.  Archie comics are supposed to be lighthearted fun. How dare they have Josie literally scratching and growling like Linda Blair. If I had read this as a kid, I would have rolled up into the fetal position and crapped my pants.  This just serves as another example of how nothing, I repeat NOTHING, was off limits in the seventies.

Check out the story in its entirety. I'm not making any of this up, and I haven't altered a single image. This is the real deal - Josie & the Pussycats #72, October 1973.   You have been warned.




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