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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Why do I bother writing anything in these Miniskirt Monday posts? No idea, but here goes: These are images of girls in miniskirts that are striped.

Now that that's cleared up. Let's look at some pictures.

Named after a Star Trek character and unbelievably hot.... how come I never knew this back in the eighties? "Heart and Soul" was a nice song, but it had a shitty video.... and then I never heard about her again.

The guy in the middle is soooo wasted.

Can you name the chick in the red and white stripes? I'll give you a hint, it's not Isabel Sanford.

Recognize this movie scene? I'm not telling you what it is.  British people are disqualified from answering.

This record is from 1984.... so I'm guessing that's a frozen yogurt, not ice cream. Viva la TCBY

Dress by Mari Quant. Hat by Otis Campbell.

Taken only seconds before the dude on the motorcycle runs them over

Photographer: "Now stand on one foot and look up and to the right.... that's it. Now look natural."

Kurt Henkel's Tanz Band obviously plays a very different variety of country & western music than I'm accustomed to.... and I like.

Nice miniskirt, but I could live without the hat.  Wait a tick.... FREE WALLET!!

Is this a dance, or are these two literally about to become airborn?
The screen cap above is from "The Partridge Family", but can you name where the screen cap below is from?


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