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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

When I learned Chuck Berris of The Gong Show wrote "Palisades Park", I was a tad surprised.

When I learned Alan Thicke sung the theme to Diff'rent Strokes, I was mildly interested.

But when I learned that the most convincing homicidal rapist in the history of cinema wrote "All Shook Up", I nearly shit myself.

Wes Craven's Last House on the Left (1972) is easily the world's most disturbing and nihilistic 90 minutes of celluluid that's not a snuff film.  Everyone who sees this film walks away with a hollow feeling in the pit of their soul.  The lead rapist murderer in this film is Krug Stillo, a vile sociopathic menace, who was played with ultra-realism by David Hess... who also happened to be a writer for The King! Even more shocking - he also wrote for Pat Boone (remember "Speedy Gonzalez? That's Hess!)

What's worse is that Hess didn't stop there. He played a homicidal rapist in Hitch Hike (1977) AND House by the Edge of the Park (1980).  That's right - he's back to playing a homicidal rapist in two more films. House by the Edge of the Park was directed by the same guy that did the infamous Cannibal Holocaust, so you know it's not the feelgood hit of the Summer.  Hostel looks like a romantic comedy compared to this sick and twisted film.

What a dark turn this guy had!  I wonder what happened in his life that he went from writing catchy pop songs to spending the better part of a decade raping and killing women on the big screen.  I'm not knocking him for it (Hess died last month BTW). In fact, I commend him for leaving such an endelible mark upon two very different art forms.  This was truly a guy with some depth - someone who could not only write benign pop fluff, but also get deep into the mind of a monster.



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