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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Just so you don't think that last one was an anomaly, here's another Archie comics episode where our girl, Veronica Lodge, decides to dabble in the Black Arts - specifically, voodoo. 

What's particularly disturbing about this one is, not so much the two girls getting into some wicked shit, but rather Jughead's twisted obsession with it. Three pages into this story, Jughead develops an unrelenting fetish of girl on girl voodoo action. It's something so unbelievably twisted, it could ONLY happen in the 1970s.

And if you think it's not for real, think again.  It's in Archie's Girls Betty & Veronica, No. 201, March 1973.  Have a look...

 Wow.  Did Jughead really just go there?

Who knew Jughead was such a twisted fuck?
Two questions: 
One: Is Jughead masturbating?
Two: Exactly what part of Betty's body will feel this excruciating pain? 
(For the record, the comic spelled "excruciating" wrong, not me) 

Jughead wants a sadistic voodoo cat fight, and he wants it now!  Sorry, Jughead.  I'm afraid you'll have to wait another 30+ years for the Internet to bring you that kind of crazy shit.  .



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