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Thursday, 27 October 2011

When writing a horror comic you're going to be confronted with the enevitable question "what do I put in a speech bubble when somebody screams?"  Naturally, there's a lot of screaming going on in this type of genre, so you better have a nice catch-all exclamation at the ready. "AIEEEE!" is your catch-all.

Let's face it, "EEEK!" sounds girly and lame (who ever really screams "EEK!" anyway?).  And the Curse of the Ancients ("Great Caesar's Ghost!", "By Jove!", "Odin's Beard!") sounds rather unrealistic.

A simple "EEEEE!" is an option, but it sounds more like a police siren or shrill laughter than blood curdling horror.  Then there's "AAAAA!" but that looks too much like a refreshing "AAAAAH."  The most realistic of all would be to use expletives ("Holy Shit!); however, this was strictly verboten back in the day.

Thus, we are left with good ole "AIEEE!".  Let's see it in action...

And finally, before I get any comments pointing out that it wasn't just horror comics that used it....


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