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Saturday, 17 September 2011

As I've said many times before, I can never get enough of these old paperback covers.  Believe it or not, I actually do read some of these trashy novels; they're never as tawdry as the cover would have you believe. A number of great blogs devoted to them have popped up over the past few years: Cover Junkie and Pop Sensation come instantly to mind.

Well, here's my little contribution to the world of old school paperback appreciation.  Enjoy.

"Could she have been born a lesbian?"
Can Marcus Bachmann cure her of this barbarous evil?

Someone needs to teach this chick about voodoo dolls. Ye gods! You don't make one of yourself!

"One night with Nikki was like a lifetime".... she just talked and talked and talked about her cousin who's moving to an apartment in Des Moines, about how her mother always loved her brother best, about her friend whose got psoriasis, and on and on and on and on... it seemed like a freaking lifetime.

... and by "party" we mean standing creepily by your daughter's bedroom, staring lustfully. 

Wait a tick.... was Peter Cheyney the pen name of Austin Powers?  

And don't forget to check the exciting sequels: Girl on a Lemur and Man on a Manatee

The bosom business? Well, fan-f***ing-tastic. Thanks, high school guidance counselor - you neglected to mention this career track.  


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