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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Pussy Galore is perhaps the finest example of a so-called "punny name" in pop culture.  Not since Dickens has the punny name game been played so well.... and just when you think it can't be repeated, they release a Bond movie called Octopussy.

Little did the public know, there was going to be a whole slew of double entrendre Bond Girls in a never-made Bond film called Never Dream of Dying. It was to be released in 1978, but it was scrapped and Moonraker was released the following year in its place.  It's a widely held belief that it never made it to theaters because of some hardcore sexual situations in the film. The director, Tinto Brass, sought to capitalize on the disco-sex culture of the late seventies, but perhaps went a bit too far.

EON Productions chalked it up as a loss. Lesson learned.  All evidence that it was ever made never made it out of MGM studios; merchandising never had a chance to hit the shelves.... except these cards.  I present to you the ultra rare Never Dream of Dying Bond Girls Cards.  Stare in awe at the only remaining physical evidence of the Bond film that never was.


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